Thursday, February 24, 2005

Where is my mind?

Hi everyone, I'm in Italy, isn't that weird? Honestly, Italy is indeed weird in these days, bloody cold, icy rain and some snow even on the sea side. No kidding, have a look here if you don't believe! Nevertheless the holiday is going alright, it's a bit to keep up with the party rithym because they are many, i didn't take a single picture so far so you can really say shame on me... I know I know If my calculations are right, today is friday, so I take the chance to wish Merry Christmas... ehm... no... nice weekend and I'll be right back in few days (Monday, don't know at what time) Loads of greetz from Italy Ed P.S. Maria, tomorrow I'll dedicate the day to find you that little funny plastic camera... tough job though

1 comment:

Sushi for 2 said...

No pictures? are you insane? No way, Ed, we want pictures!!!
Oh, and thanks for remember about the fantastic plastic camera. Fundametal!!