Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sushi Birthday!! Let's celebrate!

Hey ya all!! Today we all wish a very Happy Birthday to Maria (aka Mrs Evil-Sushi or Minimari). I invite evryone reading this post to write down a comment expressing wishes in any language known to... us. ...and now, c'mon... let's start the chorus!! Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday to you ... Happy Biiirrrthday to Mariaaa... Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu... Now let's get into the party gear and celebrate in proper style... forfodsake... Beware of not follow bad party gear example...-->

Monday, August 22, 2005

Story Telling

Hi Folks, on Friday my friend-colleague Raúl told me about a little store that sells used dvd's for 6 euros, and Mr. and Mrs. Sushi said: "Let's give it a try". Before we went for a hop, skip and a jump. You should ask, what?. Well, it's just a juice of orange, carrot and apple, of course. Rico, rico. So after this healthy stuff, we adventured ourselfes on the Merchant's Quay Shopping Center, aaaaaaah. We got to the second floor and looked around for this Game shop. Finally we found it!! And what happened, well two dvd's happened... The first one I saw was Story Telling. What can í say, Todd Solondz, directing, Belle & Sebastian playing. After seeing his previous film Happiness that I love so much, I just couldn't miss this one. And as expected, I like it too. You have to see it, trouble teenagers, hehe, children that ijustwannakilljesuschristifigethimismashhim... So that was my choice. Mr. Sushi's decided for a classic English gangster film with the greatest Michael Caine, Get Carter. We tried to see it yesterday but it was too late, so...we'll try tomorrow. Because today, we are all very nervous with the double session of Lost. Take care and mind the polar bears, Mrs. Scared Sushi

Tuesday, August 09, 2005