Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New Stuff

Hiya! After a very busy weekend, we are back sigh... But we are back with lots of new stuff. I got the heaviest book in the world, every time I use it my blood stops running through my legs. But I like it a lot, many interesting things inside. Then I also got a huge collection of dvd's from The Odd Couple ^_^, many Hitchcock's tiltes plus Chicken Run plus Election. But this is a non-stop, because yesterday Mr. Sushi gave another one, Howl's Moving Casttle, oh and Mr. Amazon got another present for Mr. Sushi: And there are more goddies coming from Spain... Mrs. Evil wannahaveitall Sushi

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Introducing Raffaella

Hiya!! Please meet Raffaella our new adoption. As you can see she is a mummy, born on 9th August 2006 B.C. She has already met Judas, and they're getting on very well. I have named her after the world famous Raffaella CarrĂ¡ Please now welcome Raffaella, some of you will have the pleasure to meet her next Sat. Mrs. Evil almost b-day Sushi.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Back from the holidays (Sushi's re-oxigenated)

After 2 weeks of nice, relaxed and needed holidays we came back to this island to contribute a bit more to its economy and inspired as we are after the summer break, we might surpise you with some ideas. Anyway, what we brought back is some pictures from Spain and Portugal which we you you'll enjoy and maybe spot some place that you have been too (hint: Porto's bridge). If you want to take look to the pictures we've taken, visit this and this other site. Next Stop is now a big celebration: for Maria's B-Day (August 24, so you have no excuses), we will be in Dublin to see Beck and Radiohead. I should really try to find a roof for that night so if you are looking for me, I will be on the phone... See ya Ed