Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Echoes from Munich

Winter is upon us! I recently heard from my all-time-friend Dean, based in Munich, many very interesting things about Enik... Enik is an artist who will, if it goes as planned, be quiet known. He has already put out an E.P. "Moon Addicted" published by !K7, an austrian label oriented towards D&B, house, a very good label... I would reccomend also to check out works from Kruder&Dorfmeister and their side projects (e.g. Tosca). Well after the first sight to Enik's style I can certainly smell a good atmosphere, good vibes, new ideas... I personally love the idea of pioneering new roads, Enik does it, and quiet well. Mentioning Dean's words: "If he can't make it, nobody can" Best of Luck Enik! Edward

Friday, September 23, 2005

Un Pez Globo

Hi folks, here back to work after a wonderful holiday in Italy. Mr & Mrs Sushi have been going around Mr's Sushi home town: Jesolo. But we have been walking through Venice, Burano and The Alps. I have a big bruce that I got up to 2800 mt. yuhuu. But the bad news at least for me is that today I look like this fella here My colleague Christina told me that I also look like a hamster, you know, when they put all their food on one of their cheeks. And all of that is due to a superevildentistthatihateandwannakill removed my wisdom teeth and the fist day I was ok but since yesterday my face has begun to grow just on the right side. And they put me stiches, I counted 8, ays, poor myself. And Mr. Sushi had cought a flu. So what a pair. We will keep you informed. Stay tuned. Mrs. Evil Hamster Face Sushi

Friday, September 02, 2005

Sushi B-day almost finished

Hey ladies!!! That's one of the songs of my now favourite DVD that I got for my B-day. I have to thank one thousand times to Ciclodi and some other Apples for this great present. And it's even better because I also got a Sushi Machine so I can put all my library there, wohoooo!!! I have to say that Mr. Sushi has a more than excellent taste buying presents. ^_^ The party was very busy, I'd say. There were too many people in my minisushi house, but it was very funny. My flatmate Mr. Iannizzotto couldn't believe it, hehe, usually we're two at home and suddenly the population doubled... I also want to call for worldwide help because my dear Euro Trash Kid and his friend Fabio gave me a present, a wonderful ginger cookie with bikini, that has been stolen!!!! Please, help me on that, call Colombo, 007 whoever you know, but I need my cookie back!!!!! Well, I also have many other super beautiful presents but I don't wanna see you crying. Finally, to finish the celebrations of my 28th birthday, The Sushi Team and many fellas are going this weekend to Electric Picnic, where we are going to listen many suppaduppa bands that I'm not gonna get into details, otherwise you'll be crying for another whole week, you poor non electric picnic people. Mrs. Electric Sushi