Monday, April 25, 2005

Electric picnic

The agenda for this summer is almost set up, we must see this guy in september. On Friday, our dear mate Jamie, let us know about a little festival near Dublin. Mr. Sushi and myself had a look at the line up and we just could not believe it: Fatboy Slim, Kraftwerd, Nick Cave, Mercury Rev, De La Soul, Mixmaster Mike, 2 Many Dj's, The Flaming Lips, Asian Dub Foundation... WOW, that's what i said when I saw it, I just couldn't believe it. This huge event is going to take place on Stradbally between the 3rd and 4th of september 2005. Apart from the music there are many other activities like cinema, massage area!!!! So for more info you just have to click Here. Looking forward to the picnic!! Mrs. Sushi

Friday, April 15, 2005

Another party? uff

Dear friends, after a long time of laziness, Sushi for two strikes back. And as we usually do, we are going to another house warming party. This is one of the problems of having such a very busy social schedule, hehe. So this time is the turn to Camilla and Sebastian. And that is an Italian girl and a Danish guy, isn't that weird? Oooh, such a sweet pic!! The party starts around 8ish for Spanish and Italians (yeah, we are famous for our punctuality) and around 9ish for Nordics. The rules, well, bring all the alcohol you can drink...and all the stuff you can... And thank god it's FRIDAY, finally, after a very busy week for Sushi. But be ready, because as most of you know, I moved, and what does it mean? Another house warming party uff. Take care, Mrs. Sushi