Monday, January 22, 2007

Hey people this time I have admit that Mrs Sushi threw me off the roof (for happiness) with her persents and surprises. Well where to start... ah yes, on December the 30th we flew to Galicia via Madrid and we landed at the Barajas airport right after a big explosion disintegrated a 4 floors garage which use to stand right in front of the Terminal 4, our terminal... We got to Ferrol with a minimum delay considering the event. Anyway, once arrived we got fed with some premium food and what a cook... brilliant New Year's Eve was a very good one, we hooked up with the usual suspects and partied til morning This time we went to visit Lugo and its old surrounding wall. But the best part, I recevied an authentic analog effect handmade by Moog, pretty enough to make me go "Ballistic"; but that wasn't enough for Mrs Sushi so she decided to make me believe that I was going to have a quiet one and all of a sudden people started to come to the sushi house and the party began... unbelievable!!! So now if you'll ask me if I know a super great person... I do!! Enjoy, SushiEd