Thursday, March 30, 2006

New entry in the family

After long wait, there is a new memeber of the Sushi Music Productions.... Ladies and Gentlemen, let's welcome Gorbachev; technically known as Hagstrom Swede, this guitar is a son of the Seventies, legends say that some people used to find these guitars even better than Gibson Les Paul for their sound and feeling. For sure I can say that it is a very nice piece of equipment, the sounds you can get out of it are full, rich, warm ... and it can be used at very loud volumes, it is now my duty to bring you some work done by Gorbachev... stay tuned (Alex and I might surprise you) Another very extra important news is that while wondering in Amsterdam I managed to get the Limited Edition of the freshly released Motorpsycho's album, Black Hole/Blank Canvas. After an accurate listening not yet all complete as it is a double album I can already say that this truly one of the best albums I ever listened to... Mind blowing!! All the tracks are so saturated of sound like never, it certainly mean a huge work on over writing tracks and tracks for each song, but the results speak for themself, truly nice melodies, incredible arrangements, there is loud rock, there is soul, there are experiments... everything turns out to be a leap in the future because with this album MP are not any longer learning to play alternative rock, they are teachers! Rock is a drag, can never have enough!

Monday, March 06, 2006

I wannna have it!!

Hey folks, how are you doing on a Monday afternoon? I am tired of working, so I have decided to post for once. So last Friday i went to a the holy Virgin (they have this coola offer forfortorty) and I bought 4 dvd, oh well. But not happy with this I want to watch this movie. Directed by our beloved David Cronenberg. Good shot, huh? And since, here, they do not have the decency to show it...Please somebody help me!! Mrs. Evil wantthisfilm Sushi

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Hey everybody, Sushi for 2 is back with a bit of delay though due to the post-vacational shock. So we have spent two weeks between Italy and Germany. I do prefer Italy, I must say. Italy has been basically eating a lot and skiing a bit (Mr. Sushi skiing, Mrs. Sushi falling down the hill), and as you can see we have even met Hatori the Ninja (a.k.a. Gimmi), he was at the Dolomitas, wow. The trip to Munich was very funny, I have saved Mr. Sushi's life from an icing death. He wanted to do same thing as the ducks on the lake at the Olimpia Stadium, but he was too heavy (after all the pizza from Italy, hehe). So now and just for a short time, you can see the foot print of the Devil at the Cathedral and the foot print of the Bradipo at the Stadium. You cannot miss it!! Next holiday, in 20 days, yihaaaaa!! Mrs. Evil non-stop Sushi P.S. If you want take a look to all the holiday pictures... click here