Monday, March 06, 2006

I wannna have it!!

Hey folks, how are you doing on a Monday afternoon? I am tired of working, so I have decided to post for once. So last Friday i went to a the holy Virgin (they have this coola offer forfortorty) and I bought 4 dvd, oh well. But not happy with this I want to watch this movie. Directed by our beloved David Cronenberg. Good shot, huh? And since, here, they do not have the decency to show it...Please somebody help me!! Mrs. Evil wantthisfilm Sushi


Sushi for 2 said...

As the movie is on its way to the Sushi House, we can only wait and hope, it normally works. In fact, after waiting for someone who crafted it, ship it, sell it and bring it here... she has arrived... my new guitar... HOOHOHOHOHOOHOH

Avica said...

:) no, no he comido perro para nada. Me lo estoy pasando teta, eso si, me esta gustando mucho todo lo que he visto y esta haciendo, en general, muy buen tiempo.
Yo tambien estube en Amsterdam, al principio de mi viaje, pero solo por unas horas, me gusto.
Y tambien tengo preparada una sorpresita que te va a encantar, jejejejejejeje.

Te veo ya pronto.

Besotes para el segnor sushi y otto par ti.


Sushi for 2 said...

Vero gracias por tu comment.

Guys i have the movie!!!!

Thanks to my dear fried Roberto for downloading, burning and posting!!!

Grrrrrroovy Robbie.