Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Strings on BBQ

As eastern is in Italy an occasion to stuff your belly with food, we decided to take the chance and open the BBQ season in great style. I reccomend to the vegetarians be careful with what's written on the following lines as all the salad which was bought, still lies in the fridge... Well, the afternoon started around 2:00 PM on Sunday, after the shocking experience of taking my watch 1 hour forward I realized that I had people outside the house waiting for coming in set the BBQ on flames, infact they gathered in the garden and conquested the brand new gazebo, got for the occasion. The afternoon started to rock with Diego "Gallego" Colombini DJing the BBQ, and you can certainly tell that there was feeling between the 2... Once we filled ourself with a meal which would had been enough for an army, we still managed to move and even attempting some football, as you can see on this picture, Sirguy kicking the beer and drinking the ball at the same time... what a talent... After some good body moving and a gorgeous cheeseburger the event mutated into a massive Jam session, between the players we can spot (in random order) Ennio "Flamming Rib", Camillo "Kaz the fly", Beppe "Wild Gimpsy", Sirguy "Plastic rim-shot", Cheecheo "Pasta-racas-man"... and I can remember myself being there too and others... well it was a beautiful afternoon for the 2 Sushi for 2. It even ended in marvollous way, everybody wrecked, happy, drunk/stoned and tired. Well thanks everyone for coming, I apologize if I didn't name everyone who was there, but you all are in Sushi for 2 Hall of Memories. Happy Eastern!

Monday, March 28, 2005

Qué Onda Guero

Ladies & Gents, tomorrow my beloved Beck Hansen is releasing his new cd. The new album is called Guero, that in México means either blonde or american (thanks to my dear partner Fernando for this privileged info). I hope Mr. Hansen is coming back to his origins and make us dance like maniacs. Because the last record, Sea of Change (that i didn't particularly like), was published three years ago, and it wasn't very...let's say funky. Anyway, there are two versions of the Guero, the normal one, songs and that's all. But there is a special edition that I think Mrs. Sushi completely deserves, and it is, of course, the DeLuxe edition. One cd, one dvd, special remixes by Boards of Canada, Royksopp and Dizzee Rascal. Besides a luxurious booklet, movies and stuff. So, please, if anyone reads Sushi for two, Ed & myself will gladly accept this little present. Take it easy it's just Monday, oh my dog!! María a.k.a. Mrs. Evil Sushi (just sometimes)

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Snakebyte Paddy, aka Saint Patrick

Once upon a time, the green island was invaded by poisonous snakes, then St. Patrick came with all his christianity, and sent 'em away, still today this brave brave missionary is remebered by all the Irish celebrating his quest, on every March 17th. The news that I found out is that he is still alive, no kidding, and he likes to party hardy... Couldn't manage to offer him a pint as he is a busy man, but Eurotrash Kid managed to take a picture. There was also other kind of heroes, warriors, drunks, druggies... all gathered for this big celebration. It was so big that I realized only now (5 days after) that I was part of it and should be telling you how things went. The problem is that I don't really remember it, even because I had no batteries for my camera, but thanks to Eurotrash Kid, you can read what happened and see few more pics. It is anyway hard to tell the all story from my desk in Apple, so why not to visit EuroTrashStories and find a culture? Ed P.S. Thanks again to the Euro Trash Blog for providing pictures!

Friday, March 18, 2005

Tea at the Japanese Gardens

Hello all, while you're celebrating St. Patrick's Day, Ciclodi and myself have decided to go to the huge Golden Gate Park. There are a lot of things into the park, but my favourite as Mrs. Sushi are, of course, the Japanese Gardens. The gardens are just beautiful, we had a great time there. They're a present from the Japanese Goverment to the city of San Francisco. And they have budhas and pagodas, and this kind of ponds and waterfalls... Today the sun run away from the City, it was more kind of Irish weather, i guess it was in honor to St. Patrick. So as the day was a little bit chilly, we decided to have a cup of tea. We ordered green tea, and I have to say that it was awful, well it was disgusting. Do you know when you boiled vegetables that the water gets kind of green? Ok, so that was the tea we had, kind of green water, aj. Ok, guys so in a couple of days we'll be hiting Cork airport. Back to work I'm afraid, but I don't want to think about it at the moment. So enjoy the weekend if you're still alive after the big party... Take care, María P.D.: Mr. Sushi, I've already taken about 400 pics so please, book a full day to check them out.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Pacific is cold

Yesterday I went to Fitzgerald Beach. Sunny day but chilly. But I did what i wanted. I tried the Pacific's water, and it's cold. I never thought that it could be colder than the Atlantic, as they have al theses sharks and dolphins and stuff, but oh well, maybe it was that cold because it was windy, don't know. Anyway, today we've been walking around all the time. Hill up hill down, I think I should rent a Mustang and go crazy like Steve McQueen in Bullit. But, no way, I have to climb all these hills by myself. So this is one of the most famous streets in San Francisco, Lombard St, and I climbed it, all the way up. I almost die but i did it!!! You won't do it twice in a day because Lombard St. is very long and it goes up all the time from North Beach. Everything is so big in The States... And of course, Sushi for two, well half of it, got there as all the Beat Generation but without hard drugs, hehe. And this picture is an evidence. In the next trip Sushi for two will be together to tell you how good is to go to the best place in the world, and that's it Galicia, of course. Take care, don't work too hard, María

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Sin City

Hey everybody!! I'm back in San Francisco from a trip to Las Vegas, and I'm not broke!! I would rather call this city Dollar City because the main thing to do is to spend a fortune. So, let's start from the beginning. On Wednesday we arrived at the airport around noon. And what's the first thing you see at the airport? Slot machines!! Prepare your dollars ladies & gentlemen... So we took a taxi to our hotel, The Excalibur, oh my dog!! I just couldn't believe it, a medieval castle in the middle of the desert?! All the hotels here are designed to spend all day there, give us all your money, don't go any further! You have everything, casino, of course, restaurants, shops, cinema, swimming pool, spa, shows,... And anything else? Oh yes, more hotels, of all kinds, you can go around the world just walking (a lot by the way). What do you fancy? Egypt? Ok, so you have The Luxor, a piramyd, yes a piramyd. Actually, the building is really cool, my favourite. the decoration inside is...hehe very Egyptian. The best thing of this hotel is that it has an Imax cinema. Ciclodi and me went to see Sharks by Jean-Michel Cousteau, wow, cool, it's like you're diving with them. And they give you this idontknowhowtocallit glasses. And if you don't like Egypt, you have Venice, Paris even New York with Empire State included. But if you want to see more pics, first I want to see your comments, Mrs. Evil-Sushi rules!!!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Thursday, March 10, 2005

C'mon It's time to surf!!!

Spring is working its way to Ireland, I can tell it by the smell of the air... With the good weather I switched into the surf mood, it feels very natural and so this Saturday I will hit Clonackilty Bay and hope to find some good swells. The weather is being quiet nice with us on these days, the sun is very weak though... as always in this country. If you want to take a look to what's the swell sitaution in our area you can log on the Cork's local surf shop's website, So, if you anyone is out wondering in the sun (hopefully) on Saturday, you know where to find me Peace, Ed

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

It all started from a tune

Hey people... did you know that Sushi for 2 is also a song... well it all begun from a song, so if you want to download it, click here Good day! Ed

It is not the Big Apple but..

Hello everybody, so here I am in The States, isn't that weird? I arrived here on Saturday after a long long flight. After recovering from the damn jet lag (I slept 14 hours) we went to visit the Pacific. Half Moon Bay, beautiful name, huh? There you go, Pacific waves (Mr. Sushi, that's for you) But today, we hit The City. We've been walking all day around Fisherman's Wharf. Basically it's the San Francisco's harbour, and you can see the non so famous Oakland's bridge. And what about the skyscrapers, oh yes, there are a lot, my neck is hurting now. You know, maybe it's that I'm used to the Old Europe, but it's so weird to see only new buildings, even the cathedrals are new. One of the most famous skyscrapers from San Francisco is the Piramyd. There you go. Oh oh, have you ever thought about having a magic carpet ride? Now you know where to go, San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf. Then a visit to the sea lions, I wanna be one of them, what a life...all day laying around, swimming and having sun baths. And Ed, I'm sorry but I found another bradipo, and he has a good spot, even more posh than Monte Notte!!! Well guys, it's time to sleep now, tomorrow shopping in The City, this is dangerous!!!

Monday, March 07, 2005

Friday night's tales

This is what happened on Friday March the 4th, on the following reconstruction some names and events have been changed in order to get a bigger effect ... HA AH 16.43: sushi staff leaves Apple Ltd. Sushi brains already left Apple Ltd around 10.15 17.02: sushi staff gets stuck in a traffic jam that can e seen only in the City of Culture 17.39: late arrival in Maria's house, put the brains to bake and wait 17:58: Frakeinstein Jr. is on the telly, it entertains 18.51: Maria is forced to pack against her will, Ed threats that if the suitcase is not packed there is some risk to miss a possible airplane to S. Francisco 19.26: Ed arrives at home, meets cousing Gimmi Falchetto who trys to stop him with stories that drive people nuts, but Gimmi misses his target. Ed is gone, on the way to Dr Lehendakari, a man who doesn't need to justify his actions. 21.19: Ed used his mobile-wireless-self-powered-talking-making-noises device to inform agent Destrini that the hit would had striked that night. 21.39: Rendez-vous with Ed, Dr. Lehendakari and special agent Destrini. Once gathered, they have been seen entering a local weapon shop... The Off-License. 21:56: The three suspects enter the building in an action similar to Miami Vice tactics, They are in. 22:07: Dr Lehendakari opens the first beer, agent Destrini alawys stands up to watch the operation, (Ed relaxes), in the flat we can recognize the following suspects: Roman Rucito Ciclodi: hacker followed by most of the police corps in Europe, South America, Nepal and Vatican City Nuria: expert in TNT operations Raul: spanish secret service and expert in quick runaways Josito: brilliant young mind, apparently Roman's favourite IT student 22:37: the heat in the room made the operations qiuet hard to be accomplished 23:44: The spanish back up team leave the flat saying that they had an early call to be answered 23:58: Ed gains a place in the couch, vital for the success of the mission 00:16: through the mobile-wireless-self-powered-talking-making-noises device, Maria trys to intercept Lord Bruno de Torpedos, he is adjusting an old story with a local gang in Midleton City, he will be over once the work will be done. 00:34: agent Destrini requires the assistance of W.O.D.K.A. deopartment to enlarge the infra red view 01:01 to 03:27 the atmosphere goes sky-high, Dr Lehendakari is gone missing 03:27 Jamie Budd, Royal Secret Service joined the Fox Hunting... or so he believed.... 03:54 Lord Bruno de Torpedos arrives in the flat with the clear signs of a hard battle, on his help, Wonder Debbie, the blond hero and a KGB agent who's identity still remais unkown 04:68 Ed starts to fall victim of the most dangerous of all the dangers, he is tired 04:75 Maria comes to rescue Ed with a potion made by the South American Incas... Colombian coffee, it gets better 05:31 Roman jumps on his feet, Tzero is approaching, he indirectly pushes Sushi-one-Maria to finish to pack 05:67 Confusion 05:73 I asked what's the time 05:?? Both Maria-one-Ferroly and Roman R.C. have disappeared without leaving trace 06:XY Sun is rising, home coming, the plane has been caught (we hope) ...and we wish you a nice trip!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I don't want to fall asleep

This tittle could seem a line from the plot of Nightmare on Elm Street,, but it is real. On Saturday, I'll be flying to San Francisco with Ciclodi. The matter is that is a thirteen hours flight so I need to be tired. But, since I have so great friends as my dear sushi-mate and my dear lehendakari , they have promised me to keep me awake all Friday night. So what are they going to do? I don't know. They're talking about a party. I wouldn't mind at all a party before going on holidays...actually, I think is a great idea. Now they're talking about a rave at the airport, oh well, we'll see what happens. It's a funny idea though. Anyway, if you want to join us at the party, at the airport or if you have any other proposal, just jump into comments and we'll study them. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Wondering in Italy

Bradipo is back in the green island! during this holiday I realized that taking 1 week off is not always a good idea, i had to give a miss to the Alps and I'm still angry for that, but my time in Italy has been just fine... really needed it! I was walking around in the cold weather, I took some pictures (few) but good I got into the shop and found Toriyama's stuff I bought some bricks of paper (books) for the spare Sushier Sushi for 2 loves Akira Toriyama's work I got those comics, 2 number 1's and 1 number 2 Happy readings... Happy afternoon!