Thursday, March 10, 2005

C'mon It's time to surf!!!

Spring is working its way to Ireland, I can tell it by the smell of the air... With the good weather I switched into the surf mood, it feels very natural and so this Saturday I will hit Clonackilty Bay and hope to find some good swells. The weather is being quiet nice with us on these days, the sun is very weak though... as always in this country. If you want to take a look to what's the swell sitaution in our area you can log on the Cork's local surf shop's website, So, if you anyone is out wondering in the sun (hopefully) on Saturday, you know where to find me Peace, Ed

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Sushi for 2 said...

Hey Ed what a surprise, I'm at Las Vegas airport. Wow, new look, I like it.
Enjoy the waves and the good weather!? in Ireland. Here in Las Vegas 30C, the dessert rules!!
See u in a week.

Take care