Monday, March 07, 2005

Friday night's tales

This is what happened on Friday March the 4th, on the following reconstruction some names and events have been changed in order to get a bigger effect ... HA AH 16.43: sushi staff leaves Apple Ltd. Sushi brains already left Apple Ltd around 10.15 17.02: sushi staff gets stuck in a traffic jam that can e seen only in the City of Culture 17.39: late arrival in Maria's house, put the brains to bake and wait 17:58: Frakeinstein Jr. is on the telly, it entertains 18.51: Maria is forced to pack against her will, Ed threats that if the suitcase is not packed there is some risk to miss a possible airplane to S. Francisco 19.26: Ed arrives at home, meets cousing Gimmi Falchetto who trys to stop him with stories that drive people nuts, but Gimmi misses his target. Ed is gone, on the way to Dr Lehendakari, a man who doesn't need to justify his actions. 21.19: Ed used his mobile-wireless-self-powered-talking-making-noises device to inform agent Destrini that the hit would had striked that night. 21.39: Rendez-vous with Ed, Dr. Lehendakari and special agent Destrini. Once gathered, they have been seen entering a local weapon shop... The Off-License. 21:56: The three suspects enter the building in an action similar to Miami Vice tactics, They are in. 22:07: Dr Lehendakari opens the first beer, agent Destrini alawys stands up to watch the operation, (Ed relaxes), in the flat we can recognize the following suspects: Roman Rucito Ciclodi: hacker followed by most of the police corps in Europe, South America, Nepal and Vatican City Nuria: expert in TNT operations Raul: spanish secret service and expert in quick runaways Josito: brilliant young mind, apparently Roman's favourite IT student 22:37: the heat in the room made the operations qiuet hard to be accomplished 23:44: The spanish back up team leave the flat saying that they had an early call to be answered 23:58: Ed gains a place in the couch, vital for the success of the mission 00:16: through the mobile-wireless-self-powered-talking-making-noises device, Maria trys to intercept Lord Bruno de Torpedos, he is adjusting an old story with a local gang in Midleton City, he will be over once the work will be done. 00:34: agent Destrini requires the assistance of W.O.D.K.A. deopartment to enlarge the infra red view 01:01 to 03:27 the atmosphere goes sky-high, Dr Lehendakari is gone missing 03:27 Jamie Budd, Royal Secret Service joined the Fox Hunting... or so he believed.... 03:54 Lord Bruno de Torpedos arrives in the flat with the clear signs of a hard battle, on his help, Wonder Debbie, the blond hero and a KGB agent who's identity still remais unkown 04:68 Ed starts to fall victim of the most dangerous of all the dangers, he is tired 04:75 Maria comes to rescue Ed with a potion made by the South American Incas... Colombian coffee, it gets better 05:31 Roman jumps on his feet, Tzero is approaching, he indirectly pushes Sushi-one-Maria to finish to pack 05:67 Confusion 05:73 I asked what's the time 05:?? Both Maria-one-Ferroly and Roman R.C. have disappeared without leaving trace 06:XY Sun is rising, home coming, the plane has been caught (we hope) ...and we wish you a nice trip!!!!!!


Sushi for 2 said...

Hey Ed, thanks for everything, for keeping me awake, I know it was not an easy mission but it has been accomplished.
Thanks to everybody who came on Friday night, it was tiring but very funny. I have funny pics that i show you when i'm back.

Take care,


Alex (+ Greta) said...

and everyone is asking... how's that doctor??? Lehendakari whatever... show us the picture