Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I don't want to fall asleep

This tittle could seem a line from the plot of Nightmare on Elm Street,, but it is real. On Saturday, I'll be flying to San Francisco with Ciclodi. The matter is that is a thirteen hours flight so I need to be tired. But, since I have so great friends as my dear sushi-mate and my dear lehendakari , they have promised me to keep me awake all Friday night. So what are they going to do? I don't know. They're talking about a party. I wouldn't mind at all a party before going on holidays...actually, I think is a great idea. Now they're talking about a rave at the airport, oh well, we'll see what happens. It's a funny idea though. Anyway, if you want to join us at the party, at the airport or if you have any other proposal, just jump into comments and we'll study them. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

alright, sushi first idea:
We gather in any place... better if it is a flat or a house (suitcases must be packed prior this action) then we'll call more people.
We'll drink/smoke... usual business
then we'll call more people.
We'll put on good tunes
and call some more people
Then Airport

Easy peasy, lemon squizy

ed the sushier

rucito said...

What about resting a bit after a stressful week?
I'm joking. If we have to party, we'll do. No problem at all since we don't fall asleep 2 hours before the plane leaves...

Sushi for 2 said...

Hey ladies & gentelmen, here i am. Today i don't have time to post. I just want to thank my caro sushi mate for keeping me awake all Friday night, Ed you're just great.
And i also wanna say to Adan the following: tu no eres vasco ni eres na, jaja, muy buena la fuga del viernes. Tengo que aprender esa tactica.
And finally thanks to all the torped@s who came on Friday!!!

Take care guys, tomorrow i'll have a lot of things to post.