Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Strings on BBQ

As eastern is in Italy an occasion to stuff your belly with food, we decided to take the chance and open the BBQ season in great style. I reccomend to the vegetarians be careful with what's written on the following lines as all the salad which was bought, still lies in the fridge... Well, the afternoon started around 2:00 PM on Sunday, after the shocking experience of taking my watch 1 hour forward I realized that I had people outside the house waiting for coming in set the BBQ on flames, infact they gathered in the garden and conquested the brand new gazebo, got for the occasion. The afternoon started to rock with Diego "Gallego" Colombini DJing the BBQ, and you can certainly tell that there was feeling between the 2... Once we filled ourself with a meal which would had been enough for an army, we still managed to move and even attempting some football, as you can see on this picture, Sirguy kicking the beer and drinking the ball at the same time... what a talent... After some good body moving and a gorgeous cheeseburger the event mutated into a massive Jam session, between the players we can spot (in random order) Ennio "Flamming Rib", Camillo "Kaz the fly", Beppe "Wild Gimpsy", Sirguy "Plastic rim-shot", Cheecheo "Pasta-racas-man"... and I can remember myself being there too and others... well it was a beautiful afternoon for the 2 Sushi for 2. It even ended in marvollous way, everybody wrecked, happy, drunk/stoned and tired. Well thanks everyone for coming, I apologize if I didn't name everyone who was there, but you all are in Sushi for 2 Hall of Memories. Happy Eastern!


Alex said...

Someday we will meet again for a new stoned session - this time let's remember a tape recorder...

Euro Trash Kid said...

Cheecheo, who da fuck is cheecheo?

My name is Euro Trash Kid!!!!

Only messin... I do remember fondly the hamburger, the pork ribs, the chicken legs, the Napoli Salami, the beers... I think I just finished digesting them now... a week later!