Monday, October 24, 2005

We are excellent!!

Hi folks, So here we are again after a while. And we have come back with good news, well, at least for Sushi for Two. In first place, I want you all to join me and congratulate Mr. Sushi. Now he is Mr. Tier2 Sushi. Yep, he got promoted!!! And now he is a Tier2 or what is the same, earn more, work less. As he would say: Smashing!! And in second place, I am so excellent that Apple wants to thank me for my top performance. So to thank me for all this they have given me this fella below for free, his name is Kunta and is sooo cute, ays, you all are now envying me huh? Greetings, Mrs. Evil Excellent Sushi

Monday, October 03, 2005

I wanna be one of them!!

(yaaaaaawn) Hi there, another Monday, very tired, very sleepy. I just want to say that we shoud start the Bradipo's Party to be like these two fellas here. I wanna be all day hunging around, eating and sleeping, isn't just perfect? Anybody ready to join me? Mrs. Evil Bradipa Sushi