Friday, July 29, 2005

This can't be Ireland... but it is!!

Oh Bloggers where are thou?

Long time has passed since the last post, well I believe that the reason for this has a name: Job. ...and I don't even feel like spending more words about it. Seeing this poor page unedited as it is, it made me feel sad, so taking the chance that the italians are leaving for their summer holidays, I take a breathe and tell you somethings which came to my attention lately. the first is a sad news for me: Bob Moog, the person who someone might consider as the father of the synthesizer was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He invented some of the finest music synthesizers ever and always worked as pioneer on the eletronic music. Sushi for 2 would like to rember the legendary Bob with his Minimoog. Heard anything of the Fantastic 4? They recently got out of the comic pages and started an adventure on the cinema screen... the result is quiet of film, unmissable if you ever read their adventures.... it out

Monday, July 11, 2005

Back to the cold

Hey everybody, we're back, well, we arrived one week ago. But it was such a shock that we could not post or sleep or anything. I'll tell you, we left Spain two Sundays ago with a sweeeet temperature. When we hit Cork Airport the temperature was 9 f****** Celsius degrees. So now on we're Mr. and Mrs. Frozen Sushi. But as many of you don't know the beautiful Galicia, I will show you some of their wonderful landscapes (just to tease you, you know, Mrs. Evil Frozen Sushi's back). So... The Sushi's and Dad in "La Playa de las Catedrales", one of the most amazing spots in Galicia (Please, notice our incredible bodies, due to the amazing galician food). We did so many things: We had dinner: We went by boat: And basically we had fun: In the pic, one of the most classy places in town, Ferrol, of course. So that's it for now, if you want to have all the pics to see how great is Galicia, just ask. By the way last week it was so sunny here that we are all burnt, for more evidences please visit our dear friend Euro Trash Kid in a couple of days, I hope he will update the blog by then. Take care, Mrs. Tanned Frozen Sushi