Friday, February 25, 2005

Pizza at Diego's

Hey Ed, did you think that you were the only one having authentic Italian pizza, huh? I'm afraid that you were wrong, because on Wednesday we had real pizza at Diego's. We had a very nice dinner followed by cards, oh yes, we were playing this funny Spanish game called "culo" or "culio", that's Trina's version which i love. We had four different pizzas, with cheese, cheese and cherry tomatos, with salamino and tuna. ñam, ñam. These are four very nice guests... So after dinner, as I said before, we played cards. I must say that I lost a couple of times but also others did. So i want to thank Diego for such a nice dinner and Román, Deirdre, Julien, Trina, Beppe, Lucia and Brian for the company. And an special thank to Trina and Beppe for the lift in a frozen car, it was really funny. Take care, María

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Where is my mind?

Hi everyone, I'm in Italy, isn't that weird? Honestly, Italy is indeed weird in these days, bloody cold, icy rain and some snow even on the sea side. No kidding, have a look here if you don't believe! Nevertheless the holiday is going alright, it's a bit to keep up with the party rithym because they are many, i didn't take a single picture so far so you can really say shame on me... I know I know If my calculations are right, today is friday, so I take the chance to wish Merry Christmas... ehm... no... nice weekend and I'll be right back in few days (Monday, don't know at what time) Loads of greetz from Italy Ed P.S. Maria, tomorrow I'll dedicate the day to find you that little funny plastic camera... tough job though

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Inside the mind of J. Funkuncle

Due to my sushi-mate is not here to post, here i go. Today another recommendation. This time is not a movie, is a web site So what is it about? Won't tell you, because is not easy to explain... So visit it and then click on comments and let us know your opinion. And this is Ricky the Mummified Squirrel, is one of the funny things that you can find in funkuncle. Ok, so that's it for today. Ed come back soon!!! María

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Summer Festival instinct

This morning I heard the radio talking about festivals and all of a sudden a shiver ran through my back... the reason of this is because every summer, Ed, absolutely needs to go to a freaking festival to freak out. Now, the radio was talking about Oxegen, an event that will be held in a little town near Dublin... I went to Oxegen festival last summer and I found it really not... ehm... like a festival should be. There was no freaks, no atmosphere, no big party whatsoever... in other words, I didn't like it... The line up for this year's edition is shaing up in these days, by now you you can see Foo Fighters, Ian Brown and Prodigy... the problem is that this is not a true festival. I remeber back in the days when I was still living in my hometown, Jesolo, there use to be this very nice event:The beach bum rock festival ... What a happy days... Anyway the issue is regarding the upcoming summer, which festival will we hit? I'd like to receive suggestions, even if they involve massive movements across Europe, I can migrate like a buffalo would do in the jungle We'll see you in the next town!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I've just seen three movies of Wong Kar Wai. The fist one I saw was Happy Together. And there is nothing new in this film, two guys arrived to Buenos Aires from Honk Kong, love story,fights, blah blah...But the way the story's told and the way the movie's shot, is just great. Then I saw Chunking Express, but honestly, I don't remember anything. That's called fish memory. In the mood for love. I don't know, I think it was kind of slow. I liked it but, maybe I was expecting something else. The photography is beautiful, and the actors great. The music is brilliant, even though, we have to admit that Nat King Cole had a horrible Spanish accent. So, 2046. The premiere was of course in Valentine's Day. It was very succesful in Cannes, and it has to be good. I will probably watch it this week, but if you can't resist it just click here

Friday, February 11, 2005

Travel jet set, trash and no troubles

We want to travel and we want it now! Maybe the original version was a little diffrent, but that's what I really can't wait for. Today I want it to give some "travel tips" to whoever is going to take a trip any where. I'd like to start from me: I will be travelling to Italy and I forecast at least 4 pizzas a day, it will more likely a pizza therapy but it's something that an italian has to do at least twice a year, you can call it religion or food mania, but this is what I should avoid, the typical pizza allucination. For who is planning to travel oversea, first of all you need power and make sure that the airplane has enough power!!! And absolutely, you need to learn how to pack the suitcase. Well, here we go with some useful travel links... Tips for travellers Pack safe Travel abroad Jet set Trash ... and no troubles Happy Travelling!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

It's always better on holiday

I think everybody agrees with me today. Sushi for 2 have planned all our holidays. So this is our schedule: At the end of February, Ed is going to leave me alone to visit his beloved Jesolo. He is going to have healthy food again, lucky boy, could you please bring me some tiramisú at least? But then, in less than a week, I'm going to cross the ocean to visit, as people say, the most beautiful city of USA: Oh, yes. This is a thirteen hours flight. Wow, please, if you have any suggestions about what to do in such a long flight just scroll down to comments and say something there. I'll probably visit Las Vegas, my friend Justin is coming down form Utah to see me, cool!! And finally, in June Sushi for 2 will visit the best place in the world, almost so good as Jesolo, Galicia!!!!! Yeah, guys, Ed & myself will be visiting Galicia during two looong weeks. We'll try the most delicious (and cheapest) food in the world, Ed is going to try for the first time the "mariscada" wich is a whole trail full with all kinds of seafood. Dios, qué rico!! This pic is a very good example to let you know how beautiful Galicia is, specially a little town called Ferrol. This is where Sushi's staff is going to spend most of the time doing nothing but taking sun baths and having fun, from dawn to dusk. But don't worry, we will keep you informed about all these hollydays. We'll post many pics, just to tease you while you are working... Oh yes, we are evil, we know.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The dawn after the storm

The title doesn't really match the reality, but it sounded good! As I said in the comments of Maria's post, I'm back today after spending a lazy day at home, no big things just lazyness... Today, February the 8th is Pancake's Tuesday! Everyone is strongly invited to Pancakes, just a reccomandation, if you happen to find Pancakes in Apple's canteen, DO NOT EAT THEM, there might be curry hiding in the recipy of our beloved chef. I'm just trying to prevent a natural disaster made by unexperienced ingredients on pancakes. Talking about the House Warming Party, well, it has been such a brilliant success, we posted some pictures which you can view clicking here . We also released a video, documenting the brave quest of Lord Bruno de los Torpedos, brave Lord Bruno scored the Washing machine Goal and as prize he received and shared Cevabcici!! Here's a picture: Despite this Artful picture taken by Laura, they were delicious!! Thanks Debbie!

Monday, February 07, 2005

Consequences of a house warming party: Part 1

Hello there, after the big event that took place on Saturday, Sushi for two has one of its members sick at home. Yeah, Ed had a terrible migraine today, so he came to work, we had a little chat and he went back home. Now my IChat is kind of dead. Ed come back soon! Ed without headache Oh well, so I hope he is back tomorrow and we keep telling you the consequences of a house warming party, new pics, videos... If anybody has any pics that we have not see, please be so kind to forward them to us, we would like to check them know, just in case there is something inappropiate. Take care, María

Friday, February 04, 2005

You gotta fight for your right...

To the party, of course, the Beastie Boys told us so on the '86, and we completely agree with that. Yeah, guys, tomorrow party all night. Ed's moved to a very nice place, so nice house warming party is needed! So if you wanna go there you have a very cool map that Ed did for all of us. But if you are too tired after all the hard work you've been through, you can always do what Mr. B does at job. Besines a tod@s Ed & María

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Housewarming and Best of Luck Cristiano!!

Sushi for 2 will hold a party this Saturday night, the occasion is the house warming party of my new place (Ed), I must say that nowaday I gained a fairly good experience on moving houses, so on this last, I didn't take to much to make myself at home and here we are now... House Warming Party! Let it be! I wanted to take the chance also to wish the best to my friend Cristiano B., a very good friend of mine, we had a great time in Munich which started when he decided to invite me to his B-Day party, and I paid him back throwing myself on a row of chairs, just carried away by Nirvana's tunes... what a happy night was that... I wanted to wish Cristiano a nice time in Tel Aviv and if you click here you will see the photos of a crazy New Year's Eve that myself (Ed), Cristiano and others spent on the Alps. Cristiano, Buona Fortuna e "occhio ai cannoni"! Ed (Bradipus lentus) y Maria (Beastie Girl)

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Groundhog day, el día de la marmota or la giornata della marmotta.

Yeah, today is the Groundhog day!! I'm sure everybody remembers this film with Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell. Actually Bill is forced to live the worst day of his life on and on. My day has started really bad. I arrived late at job (again). I woke up at 7.15, couldn't believe it. So I went to the shower, then I ran all over the place looking for my stuff, and then I ran all over the city trying to find a taxi. But, oh my dog!! no taxies in Cork on a Wednesday morning. So I had to wait for my dear bus n.2, cool! Anyway, the day is getting better. But today, Sushi for 2 wants to say happy birthday! to two happy Apple employees and good friends: And as I don't have any good pic of him, there you go! Joyeux Anniverssaire! Jul!! Feliz Cumpleaños Adán a.k.a. Lehendakari Take it easy guys!! Ed & María

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Jam, the Beach and the Pants

I wonder how, but now that we posted in spanish, no other nationality had complained about the language of our blog... Spanish must be a very world wide spoken language then... or am I wrong? Whatever... we're back! 's last weekend went through some kind of interesting moments, if you can speak spanish, find the Doolittle's concert review here below, if you can't speak spanish, try another day... Spotlights were on during the Saturday's afternoon Jam session, after picking up Adan, the fretless rascal bass player, Luciano and Wonder-Brenda (he hasn't a drum kit yet...but Brenda was a nice alternative) I must say it was really nice to catch up for the beloved Saturday's Jamming. Sunday was then dedicated to ... ehm... I forget... oh yes, trip to Clonakilty's beach to enjoy the sea's breeze, unfortunately Sushi for 2's staff couldn't make it all together to the spot because of seating issues... sorry to whoever deserves it... I really mean it. As I mentionned on the title then, the Pants! It's just a funny picture of Gimmi's trousers I wanted to share... hoping that no petrol company will mind about any copyright... what the hell, they sell diesel fuel, not clothes...