Monday, February 07, 2005

Consequences of a house warming party: Part 1

Hello there, after the big event that took place on Saturday, Sushi for two has one of its members sick at home. Yeah, Ed had a terrible migraine today, so he came to work, we had a little chat and he went back home. Now my IChat is kind of dead. Ed come back soon! Ed without headache Oh well, so I hope he is back tomorrow and we keep telling you the consequences of a house warming party, new pics, videos... If anybody has any pics that we have not see, please be so kind to forward them to us, we would like to check them know, just in case there is something inappropiate. Take care, María


rucito said...

This is called HANGOVER and is very difficult to live with it. I can tell now myself...

Eso se llama RESACÓN y es muy difícil vivir con él. Si yo os contase...

Sushi for 2 said...

Hey, tell your friend Jack D. about it!!!

Sushi for 2 said...

Hey everybody!!
I'm back! You thaght you got rid of me with just a 2 days party... but I'm made of iron steel!!!
Maria you're the best sushier ever!
hey thatnks to everyone who came to the party on saturday, I hope you al enjoyed as much as I did!

Anonymous said...

I am just starting to feel normal..(not sure that's a good thing!) It is all a little bit of a haze/fog (literally) Sitting like an indian for four hours at a time has almost led to me thinking I need surgery. I feel like I ran a marathon(just didn't burn any calories) But I found one thing out.. I cannot write with my foot (not the right one anyway, must try the left one mmmmmmm.....) Thanks to the girl who brought the hazelnut and choc cookies... by the way noone should attempt to eat the Nutella, I was spooning out of it when the cookies vanished! Yawn, gotta go do my lunchtime power walk, yeah rite!

...thanks for the night!

AKA "Squaw no write right foot"

Sushi for 2 said...

C'mon girl!!! It cannot be that bad. I agree about the foot writting but fog? wow, that has to be something bad.

Take it easy at job!!

Euro Trash Kid said...

I came along with a full bottle of Bacardi. I left with an empty bottle of Bacardi, what more can I say?

I love Cuba Libre and Ed's new place, but above all I love house warming parties!!!

Viva Ed! Viva Maria!