Friday, February 11, 2005

Travel jet set, trash and no troubles

We want to travel and we want it now! Maybe the original version was a little diffrent, but that's what I really can't wait for. Today I want it to give some "travel tips" to whoever is going to take a trip any where. I'd like to start from me: I will be travelling to Italy and I forecast at least 4 pizzas a day, it will more likely a pizza therapy but it's something that an italian has to do at least twice a year, you can call it religion or food mania, but this is what I should avoid, the typical pizza allucination. For who is planning to travel oversea, first of all you need power and make sure that the airplane has enough power!!! And absolutely, you need to learn how to pack the suitcase. Well, here we go with some useful travel links... Tips for travellers Pack safe Travel abroad Jet set Trash ... and no troubles Happy Travelling!

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Sushi for 2 said...

Yeah, yeah, let's start packing today!!

Cool links, i love the pizza cat.