Monday, May 16, 2005

Sonic Film

Good morning lads, Monday morning, what else can I say. Here at the office is kind of quiet. I was having a look at the news about the Cannes Film Festival and what I have found? Gus van Sant has a new film, Last Days, which it sounds even more interesting when you realize that one of the main characters is our beloved Kim Gordon. We were so happy to see her every day in the news but now she is on the big screen!! So let's see when the movie is released for common people, but I'm looking forward to watch it. Another important new is that Atom Egoyan has presented his new film too. Where the truth lies, another must-see-it. Well, and that is enough for a Monday morning. Take care, Mrs. Sushi

Monday, May 09, 2005

Wasting money

Hi lads, lately, it seems this is the only thing we do. Jeez, this has been the spending money weekend. Basically, we bought food as good spanish-italian people. But on Saturday, due to VerĂ³nica's birthday party we had to buy a little present of course. So walking around the city centre I decide to go for a purse, so I went to PrimeTime as they always have these cool handbags I like. But that was only Saturday. Sunday noon Plan: 1. I have a wedding (yes, one of my friends have decided to do this crazy thing in Summer, oh well). So if you have a wedding you need a dress or similar. So I went looking for something not very elegant, not very expensive...And I finished where I didn't want to finsih 2. Mr. Sushi needs a new pair of trousers since the bbq incident. Mr. Sushi's issue was really easy, I just needed two minutes to find a pair of trousers. Mr. Sushi liked them and that's all. Oh, and I almost forgot Friday. Well, on Friday, sunny day, got off job at 4, so what better to do than going to where Sushi for two can spend a fortune in five minutes... So what I got? Three little pieces of art: Breaking the Waves, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and The Man Who Fell to the Earth Take it easy, Mrs. Sushi Shopping