Monday, October 03, 2005

I wanna be one of them!!

(yaaaaaawn) Hi there, another Monday, very tired, very sleepy. I just want to say that we shoud start the Bradipo's Party to be like these two fellas here. I wanna be all day hunging around, eating and sleeping, isn't just perfect? Anybody ready to join me? Mrs. Evil Bradipa Sushi


Sushi for 2 said...

Authentic Bradipo speaks:
What lies underneath the calm is activity.
Even rocks change.
I like to take it easy.
As old chinese proverb says:
Don't think there are no crocodiles because the water is calm.

Beware people!

Avica said...

Pero que cosas que se os ocurren.
Yo no, de dormir todo el dia, no, que aburrido.
A mi me gustaria volar, y verlo todo de arriba, sin que me afecte, sin que me toque.
Y poder ir donde yo quiera, sin fronteras, sin límites.
En fin, que estoy de lunes.

Sushi for 2 said...

Nena, deja las drogas o las pelis de Disney no se lo que más rabia te dé.

Anonymous said...

...and I am Dumbo

Anonymous said...

...and I am Dumbo

Sushi for 2 said...

Anonymous, are ya? hmmmm

Alex said...

Eating, sleeping, hanging around, and of course making love, that woul be perfect.

Oh, and also smoking ganja.

And sometime, taking mushrooms.

And going to the sea.

Hell yeah, that'd be great.

PS: Oh my god we have almost the same template

Alex said...
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