Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Pacific is cold

Yesterday I went to Fitzgerald Beach. Sunny day but chilly. But I did what i wanted. I tried the Pacific's water, and it's cold. I never thought that it could be colder than the Atlantic, as they have al theses sharks and dolphins and stuff, but oh well, maybe it was that cold because it was windy, don't know. Anyway, today we've been walking around all the time. Hill up hill down, I think I should rent a Mustang and go crazy like Steve McQueen in Bullit. But, no way, I have to climb all these hills by myself. So this is one of the most famous streets in San Francisco, Lombard St, and I climbed it, all the way up. I almost die but i did it!!! You won't do it twice in a day because Lombard St. is very long and it goes up all the time from North Beach. Everything is so big in The States... And of course, Sushi for two, well half of it, got there as all the Beat Generation but without hard drugs, hehe. And this picture is an evidence. In the next trip Sushi for two will be together to tell you how good is to go to the best place in the world, and that's it Galicia, of course. Take care, don't work too hard, María


Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs Sushi, I'm amazed... watching the inspector Callhan on Dirty Harry gave me the vibes of a buzzing city... cool place.
Super duper post!!
Rock'n roll!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!

Looks like you are having a great time! Maria, you say everything is bigger in the States i.e. The Glasses?? Well you look great - Where is Roman hiding? C'mon we need a pic of you also Roman! Tae care for for now



Anonymous said...

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Sushi for 2 said...

Hey Deb to see pic of Román you have to go to www.ciclodi.com.

Looking forward the house warming party!!

Oh, in order to the third post, can i use bablefish to translate it?

Oh, and a big thansk to Mr. Sushi!!