Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Hey everybody, Sushi for 2 is back with a bit of delay though due to the post-vacational shock. So we have spent two weeks between Italy and Germany. I do prefer Italy, I must say. Italy has been basically eating a lot and skiing a bit (Mr. Sushi skiing, Mrs. Sushi falling down the hill), and as you can see we have even met Hatori the Ninja (a.k.a. Gimmi), he was at the Dolomitas, wow. The trip to Munich was very funny, I have saved Mr. Sushi's life from an icing death. He wanted to do same thing as the ducks on the lake at the Olimpia Stadium, but he was too heavy (after all the pizza from Italy, hehe). So now and just for a short time, you can see the foot print of the Devil at the Cathedral and the foot print of the Bradipo at the Stadium. You cannot miss it!! Next holiday, in 20 days, yihaaaaa!! Mrs. Evil non-stop Sushi P.S. If you want take a look to all the holiday pictures... click here


Avica said...

Uys ese pie.....!!!!! jejejejejejeje, that's why he is called Mr. Evil, now I get it!

Well, you lucky sushis, what a wonderful trip you've had, but I don't envy you, I'm out for holidays soon too!

Looking forward to whatch the pictures at you place, play badminton and eat the good treasures you brought from this trip.


Sushi for 2 said...

Ciruela, ciruela you're going to Korea, ays, to eat some doggy, aj, puaj.

Good luck on your exam.

Mrs. Evil Sushi

Anonymous said...

jo la vero... menudas directas q echa!!! jajaja

although I prefer sunshine sunshine sunshine... I can see you had a lot of fun and that´s main target when we´re on holidays, isn´t it?

holidays 4ever and ever!!!!!

ms evil mala mala, doggy food no!!! jeje


Alex said...

I feel like i would prefer italy, too