Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Birthday Party... we'll be back soon

Hello Pals, well the Sushi B-day party was so pleasant that I remembered about it only now. Thanks again to every one who took part to the celebration and I hope you had a night almost as high as I did. here we go with some pics from the event... click here. Also Checkout a new part of our site dedicated to the Pink Room, there you will find entries on the adventures of the funky studio recently appeared. Click here to access Pink Room Sessions Now it's time for some holidays... We will keep you informed on our adventures
Flying Sushis


Sushi for 2 said...

holiday, holiday, holiday

Sushi for 2 said...

Thank you for contacting me, at the moment I'm not on my desk, but if need me leave a comment here and maybe someone will get back to you, one day or another... Don't get upset if nobody does...heheheheh. Aren't I so fecking funny before the holidays?? Jeez....