Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Introducing Raffaella

Hiya!! Please meet Raffaella our new adoption. As you can see she is a mummy, born on 9th August 2006 B.C. She has already met Judas, and they're getting on very well. I have named her after the world famous Raffaella Carrá Please now welcome Raffaella, some of you will have the pleasure to meet her next Sat. Mrs. Evil almost b-day Sushi.


Anonymous said...

B.C.? Before Christ? hehehehe
I was looking for the little one, as you said mummy when I realised it is the same word for both... inglis caca

well, one more in the house :)
and of course we´ll see her this saturday, cumpleañera!!!!

besitos de martes

Sushi for 2 said...

Es tan guapa....Se conserva mucho mejor que la carrá, dónde va a parar!!

Anonymous said...

I love Raffaellona!!!!
And spanish people love her too!!

Even if shes a mummy!!!