Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New Stuff

Hiya! After a very busy weekend, we are back sigh... But we are back with lots of new stuff. I got the heaviest book in the world, every time I use it my blood stops running through my legs. But I like it a lot, many interesting things inside. Then I also got a huge collection of dvd's from The Odd Couple ^_^, many Hitchcock's tiltes plus Chicken Run plus Election. But this is a non-stop, because yesterday Mr. Sushi gave another one, Howl's Moving Casttle, oh and Mr. Amazon got another present for Mr. Sushi: And there are more goddies coming from Spain... Mrs. Evil wannahaveitall Sushi


Anonymous said...

we had very nice time last saturday, haven´t we? ;)
hihi as i told you the book also would be perfect for your muscle tone, hahaha
4 ur mind and ur body ;)
aysss u have to let me know if yoga is starting next month!!!!!!!
meanwhile i would like 2 see one of those movies...mmm
don´t work too hard!!!


Sushi for 2 said...

Nuriiiis, I talked to Noel last week and he told me that he wants to start in September. At 5 instead of 5.30, better for me.
Oh, and he also wants to recommend me a book...
I'll let you know.

Movies buenas, pide pide...

Mrs. Evil Sushi

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree with Nuria, there's nothing more delightful than enjoy time with true friends having a good old laugh!
plus that book is a golden vault full of delicacies from "Il Belpaese";-) I should borrow it and get myself to work on my cooking skills, thank God Jack is good at that:-)
Hope u'll like d filllmmsss

Andrea/Walter, one member of the "Odd Couple"

Sushi for 2 said...

After re-sizing the page, I can now post my comment.... NNNNNNI!