Monday, September 25, 2006

Peter & Co.

Hello there, since it has been a long time since the last post and Mr. Sushi seems to be very busy, here I go. Last week Timo A. brought me his Ipod because I had the last episode from PB. So in exchange I borrowed some music, like these guys here and these ones too And it is only due to them that I am starting to wake up on this sunny Monday morning. But the newest file into my Library is Peter, Bjorn and John since I saw the video of Young Folks on TV I couldn't get rid of the melody. And Mr. Sushi downloaded it for me before I went crazy. Mrs. Evil wakiewakie Sushi


Anonymous said...

My friend Mrs. Sushi obliges me to write here every once in a while so here I am really spontaneous... this is the week of the crazy mood, I think I have some problems of self control. I'll explain better: Why the hell I find attractive every woman I see in fron of me and at the same time I am madly in love with a girl who lives in a different country and doesn't care at all? I'll leave this pathetic comment (whih doesn't ahve anything to do with the other ones, I KNOW!) with some lyrics from a song I love:
"Maybe you’re the next best thing
To happen
All the things we might have been"
Now that I'm sure Mrs Sushi won't ever ask me again to write in here, and before I ger fired (single and unemployed is not a godd combination for my healthy)I really need to go. All my respect to the Sushis, really fine people and to the rest of the family (especially Raffaella).

Sushi for 2 said...

Caro amico, mi piace tanto il tuo comment, e aspeto di vederlo un'altra volta quá (mi sto piegando delle risate).
Why you find attractive every woman you see, hmm, why don't you ask Dr. Phill?? I'm sure he has the right answer for you, heheheh. Otherwise, you can always visit Ophra!!

Grazie per i salutti alla Raffaella.

Sushi for 2 said...

hmmmm... sure someone could use some Dr Phil DVDs... heheheh... hey take that expression away from your face, if you have seen the Budweiser ad in Ireland, than you know who Peter, Bjorn and John are.
fiiififififi fiii fii fiiiiii; fiiififiifififi fiii fii fiiiii