Friday, November 03, 2006

Free Goodies!

Hi all, long time no see, I know. But after spending one week (and some extra days due to Ryanair) in Venice we are back with good news (for us). Since our company is making gazillions of dollars, they will give us 3 days extra holiday, yey!!. Besides, as they care so much about us they are giving us a new gadget. It is supposed to be the smallest music digital player in the world. And, this is the fourth Ipod I get for free in two years!!! See you all soon. Mrs. Evil likefreegoodies Sushi


Frank B. said...

I also happen to work for Apple and will be getting that shuffle. And sure enough I'm happy about it...but in all fairness with the amount of millions of bucks this co. is making I am expecting that to be reflected on our wages.
Anyways, we can still hope.
If you're interested I've got plenty of movies at home to bring! hooray for piracy and 6Megabit Broadband!!!!
Oh yeah and I have a mean Bukowski documentary you might want to check out. best writer ever :)
As usual the blog's looking nice, fair play to ye lads.

Sushi for 2 said...

Claro, dámelo xa (acento argentino ^_^)!!!!

Sushi for 2 said...

Of course Apple Care does Care for its workers... LOL
but if from here to X-Mas someone will be very good to me, he'she might get an iPod Shuffle as a present... so now you can start to be extra good with me :)

Anonymous said...

yes.. another Apple pet ;)
i only hope they will give it to me... as i´m leaving in 1 month and a half so maybe they will exclude me :(
4 days to go to gran canaria!!!!!!!!

Avica said...

JEJEJEJEJEJE, what a "love gadgets" of Bradipos you are!!!

I am much more happy for the extra days actually, free time is the only good worthy thing one can get from this company -and I say this in a moment when I start liking what I do in here- The thing it's, I'm convinced I will loose the gadget on the first day as I am so forgetfull.

Personally, I will enjoy my 3 days going to Paris. Though not in the romantic way I wish, but to visit my best french friend (to know more, visit avica)


Sushi for 2 said...

The three extra days are ok but thanks to ryanair (or rañanair as I call it) I have used two of them already, gja;gja;owja.

Mrs. Evil hatesrañanair Sushi