Saturday, May 24, 2008

Back at last...

Where have we been?

First, apologies for the long period without updates, long time has passed since the last time we wrote on the blog but due to surrounding circumstances... ehm... we’ve been busy.

A small list of what happened in between:

We no longer work for Apple

We got on a boat

We left Ireland

We moved to Barcelona

From the start, the city made a very nice impression on us, overall it hasn’t been difficult getting around the place but all of this was possible only because Robbie, our new flat mate, is a great house hunter, knows his way around and was so kind to let us share his previous flat with us by the time we arrived.

So now, after one and half month we are 100% settled with jobs and everything and so happy with the outcome.

Click here to see where we are.



Justin Nixon said...

Hola Maria! Hey how are things going for you guys? I just noticed that you guys are already back in Barcelona. I loved Barcelona. It is such a great place.
Where are you guys working now?
I hope all is well, tell everyone hi for me.

Sushi for 2 said...

Hey Justin! Nice to hear from you :)
I am working for another multinational, just for a change, BASF is a chemical company. Ed is working as an integration consultan in an IT company. We have a nice flat near the sea, no chachos around :D
Talk to you soon. Take care.

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