Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hiya! Since the last time we decided to post something here a looot of things have happened. We have been on holidays in Spain and in Italy. We have enjoyed the beach and the sun. We had visitors, yeah. They came to verify how green and rainy Ireland is. I think they had a great time. And they even improved their English. We have been jazzing and drag to the pub many time by Mr. Anweiler because otherwise we won't move from the country side :) We have visited old friends. And we have tasted what it could be our next destination. Anyway, this Saturday Mr. Sushi will be a year older. Big party in programme together with some German friends. Please come and say Buon Compleanno to Mr. Sushi. Mrs. Evil Sushi.


ED said...

I here by promise to take a bit more care of this poor blog... I have some ground shaking news :)

Anonymous said...

pretoria e' stato qui ciao

Anonymous said...

jejejejejeje, pues que siga asi, que siga la fiesta y las vacaciones.
Hace mucho que no venia por aqui ;)

Alex said...

Ma posts nuovi??? :D