Tuesday, June 27, 2006

We Are The Robots

Hey mates!! Back on track before going on holiday (non arrivano mai...) and what I found? I found a series that you can watch for free. They are called We Are The Robots and they are so suppa evil... The one on the pic is Gothbot, she is at the club with her girliegothi friends talking about any other girl: Gothbot: Whore Friend: Total Whore Isn't it fabulous?? Well this crazy germans were working on this idea a while ago, the video is very cool. They played last year at the Electric Picnic, where this year we are soooooooo not going. As always happens, we find a good festival, and the organizers and their brilliant minds, what they do? Of course, raise (almost double) the prices. Brilliant guys!! You should blow your useless brains away... Anyway, I leave you with this video, enjoy Mrs. Evil Bitchy Sushi

1 comment:

Sushi for 2 said...

sure, going on at this rythim we'll end up becoming robots... for the moment I am just an operator with a pocket calculator.... IOOOIIOIOIOIOIIIIOIOIOIOI IOIOIOOOOIIIIOIO OIOIOOIII