Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A bet

Hey folks, the sun is shining in Ireland!! And after a badminton tournament and taking the first two baths on the Irish Sea this weekend, we are starting to place bets at job. The reason for this bets is the inminent start of the Football World Cup. The bet 5 yoyos. The prize 45 yoyos. The organizer Stephen Kennedy a.k.a. His Darkness. The rules, put your hand on an envelope and get a country. I got Serbia and Montenegro (not a chance to win). Do they actally have any famous player?? Mr. Sushi got Czec Republic (not many chances either but not that bad). I always support African teams, this year my favourite Cameroon is not into the World Cup, godammit!! But I will be pleased if Ivory Coast wins. And as you can see the Ivory Coast has the same flag as Ireland but the other way around, I think you guys need to work on that... Mrs. Evil Ivory Sushi


Anonymous said...

ay el fútbol nena, q rollo tenemos!!!!
yo sólo pienso en la playa y el sol!!!
me quiero ir a creta yaaaaa

besito de miércoles

now in english, soccer from hell!!!
I´m only interested in holidays ;)
I´ll be in crete in 10 days ;-P

meanwhile let´s go and enjoy these gorgeous days!!! :)

Sushi for 2 said...

Ay Nuris, otra vez de vacaciones, desde luego...yo me voy a comprar billetes para London para ver a Jul que se ha mudado a un pisazo superluxury...
Así que yo también oe

Anonymous said...

chachi q si
viajar es lo mejor ;)

y hoy es viernes, menos mal :)

Sushi for 2 said...

are those cocnuts?