Monday, May 07, 2007

From The Fridge

Hey folks, After a long long time without any kind of post, we are back. So since January, nothing major happened. Well, that is not completely true, because Mr. Evil Sushi, Lucky Luciano and Excalibur a.k.a. Toboganes, performed at the Liquid Lounge with a major success, more than 200 people enjoying the show. Apart from that, the only news from my side are that my department has moved to The Fridge. And yes, the new offices are nice and clean. I have got a lot of gadgets and a new Cinema Display ^_^. But it is frrrreaking cold, my back is sore, I hate air conditioning, is the most annoying thing someone can use in this country, for god's sake, it is never warm here!! So there I am @ the fridge with serious expression but hey, I am freezing here!! Almost forgot, my dear friend Vero is a year older today. So please go into the comments and tell her how much you love her (even though she is from Valladolid). And she can tell us the beautiful presents she got. Of course Mr. & Mrs. Evil Sushi, have a wonderful taste, they are a little weak on sizes, we know Sr. Anwailer :D So there you go, a new post. Mrs. Lazylazymonday Evil Sushi


Avica said...

jejejejejejejjejejeje misis older today will perform a photographic exhibition of her presents once she will have got them all. But I can advance that they are all very nice a beautiful and that, indeed, I won't get lost of sight anymore with my new bag :D :D



Anonymous said...

jajajajaja I need 2 see those photos Vero!!!!!

Mrs and Mr Evil Sushi, I miss ur blog a lot, ur sense of humour and 2 share these moments 2gether :(

U must come 2 visit the ¨capi¨.

Loads of kisses from already sunny Spain :)


Avica said...

sera capulla la nuri! sunny Spain, sunny Spain, hey girl! we love our rain here, you know?



Sushi for 2 said...

Bueno te gustará a ti porque a mi me tiene hartita.
Emigración a un país tropical ya!!

Y la capi será sunny, pero vayavaya, no tenéis playa, nuris, que noooo, que yo quiero mar, no me convences :D

Mrs. Evils theloveboat Sushi