Wednesday, April 05, 2006

On my B-Day

Hi folks, I know you are gonna hate me more than ever, and I love that. On my birthday, thanks of course to Mr. Sushi, the guy below is going to play for me!!!! And I am soooooo happy, because he is soooooo groovy. And he also plays with this guys, I liked them more before when they did the o.k. computer and stuff, but it is always nice to see them. So now, go on, make my day, put into the comments how much you hate me. Mrs. Evil Superevil Sushi


Sushi for 2 said...

Sushi rulz!
It wasn't that hard to convince Beck to play... he almost decided all by himself, but of course now thank the sushiers for this...heheheheh

Ludo said...

Ciao COGLIONAAAA!!!!!! I don't hate you!!!!! HAPPY B-DAY!!!


Avica said...

Pues niña, perdona que te diga, pero yo no sé quien narices es el tipo este pero.... vamos, que si es por odiarte, si te hace ilu.....
Te odio
Te odio
Te odio
y te odio más


You lucky girl, having presents for august already in April!!!! my birthday is in a month time and I have had no presents yet.



Sushi for 2 said...


scusa ma anche tu sei un coglione, mi pare che anche tu voti per la sinistra ... me lo ha detto un uccelino.

Mrs. Evil Cogliona Sushi

Sushi for 2 said...


es lo que tiene ser de Valladolid y no de la calle Magdalena (o Muffin, como le gusta a Mr. Sushi).

Los de la calle Magdalena somos gente elegante y nos hacen regalos casi todos los días.

Así que chínchate, jajajajaja.

Mrs. Evil chinchona Sushi

Avica said...

ahora te odio, te odio y te odio aún más de veras!

Anonymous said...

holaaaa, pues me parece requetebien y no te odio para nada ;-P
a disfrutar!!!!!!!!!!!!

btw what about traditional and delicious spanish cook this weekend at home?



Sushi for 2 said...

Do you cook? I think that is pretty nifty!!

Alex said...

I actually dont hate you, just because... i'll be there too!!!!! :D