Monday, January 16, 2006

The Pink Room

Ladies and Gents, after a long waste of time and egg cartons I am pleased to announce the creation of the Pink Room sound lab. The real kick off happened yesterday, when Mike brought over his bass, even though the session was short, it was intense and let some lights turn on in our heads, which is good! The Lab started filled of enthusiasm and with the help of Mrs Sushi's cakes, which have nothing to do with sushi or similar, the Lab will be source of songs, experiments and whatever happy thing can happen in a music studio. Happy Jammin'


Sushi for 2 said...

Pink room mola. But our punk neighbour Bree mola más, jeje. Viva la vieja!!

Avica said...

music, experiments and cakes.... mmmmm what a mix!
I see you enjoy your new house, glad for you evil friends!

Anonymous said...

jijiji, why pink? is it more inspiring?
chachi piruli, juan pelotilla;)
so... will we taste these lovely cakes next weekend?

Sushi for 2 said...

No you won't, huahuahua. It'll be finished by then.

For next Sat, Mr. Sushi will make a cake!!


WW said...

dove??? dove???

Alex said...

Grande Edoardo.
Forse presto tornerò li in zona corkoniana... allora testerò la pink room