Thursday, June 16, 2005

Get up, it's time to go!!!

We have been waiting for long long time but now it's time to get into the cockpit and fly to Galicia! We'll be leaving Cork city airport on saturday night, leaving behind work and rain and hope to land on Gallician ground finding the opposite. I'd like also to apologize if you didn't heard much from sushi's lately but we've been (I hate to say it) stressed, but we'll remedy with some posts from "the end of earth" as the old roman used to call where we're going. Now, considering that Galicia's reputation on food is quiet of a wonder... I'd like to hear from you some advices in order to not become the dinner of these kind of sea monsters ...but make them my dinner... See you in Spain!


Sushi for 2 said...


here we go mates!!!

Ok Mr. Sushi, you won't need any advice to grab one of these, basically, 'cause they will be boiled like the one on the pic. So they won't move, attack,...

And you know, Mrs. Sushi is there to save your ass from one of these beasts. You know, watch your dish!!

Mrs. Evil Sushi comes back

Ludovico Ruta said...

Fantastic Blog!!! Veeery interesting, and so nice to see Camilla on your page!! Ludo

elnevero said...

masao!!! me has saturado el correo!!!
no puedo bajar las fotos. solo he visto una, mía y con una cariña que pa qué... intentaré bajarlas desde otro lado porque el correo se ha quedado patitieso!!!
anyway, gracias por mandarlas.
Enjoy Galicia!!! envidia!!!!!!