Thursday, January 27, 2005

Goodmorning Vietnam! I just wanted to tell my mum that I like to smoke joints! Ciao mamma!!!


Sushi for 2 said...

But Ed, have you already smoked one?
ha, you wish!!!

For you visitors, we are just trying new software!!

rucito said...

This is like "Salir del armario"?. Mama, I like to smoke joints too..... What the hell?
Ed I think you need to stop smoking all those things. Your brain cells are loosing their minds...

Anonymous said...

Sloth Facts

* Sloths always hunt in packs.
* The closest relatives to the sloth are anteaters and armadillos
* When sloths have sex, it takes them 3 days because they are so slow.
* Their movements in the trees and on the ground are very slow and deliberate, but they are capable of slashing rapidly with their claws in defense against predators. It has been suggested that their slow and deliberate style of moving is a defense against visually-orienting hawks and eagles
* All sloths have 3 toes on their feet, but two-toed sloths have only two claws on their hands. Their main use is to enable the animals to hang for almost all their lives, but they are also formidable weapons for defense.
* Sloths can turn their heads around 270 degrees.
* The forearms of three-toed sloths are longer than the hind limbs. Fore and hind feet have three enlarged, hook-like claws. The claws are separate, but the digits to which they attach are syndactylous. Three-toed sloths have a short, rounded skull. The profile is somewhat flattened dorsoventrally. The zygomatic arch is incomplete. A large jugal is present, and at its termination it forks broadly into dorsal and ventral processes. A tympanic bulla is present. The mandible has a well developed coronoid process, and the condyloid process is elevated above the level of the toothrow.
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* sloth can drink large amount of beer, and can be seen in trees close to 7\11's, depaneurs, or any local watering holes.

Sushi for 2 said...

Dear visitor, thanks a lot for that information.
My favourite part is the last one, a sloth at the 7/11, nice one!

Anonymous said...

did you mean this?...